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 World premiere  Luther Oratorio

World premiere  Luther Oratorio

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  World premiere  Luther Oratorio
  for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation 2017 
  in  the  Berlin Philharmonic Hall

  Composer and conductor: Daniel Pacitti

Project  "sora nostra matre terra"          Il Cantico delle Creature

The Song of the Creatures

text by St. Francis of Assisi
music by Daniel Pacitti 

for tenor, choir and instrumental ensemble

Concerts in Berlin and Assisi
Love for Nature

Concert on 5 May 2019 at 6 pm
at St. Jacobi Church, Oranienstr. 133, 10969 Berlin
Concert on 11 May 2019 at 9pm
in the Basilica of St Francis of Assisi
Soloist: Noriyuki Sawabu (tenor), piano: Maina Yokoi,
guitar: Daniel Jane, flute: Caspar Engelbrecht, Berlin Sakura Choir, Tokyo Vocal Ensemble
Musical direction: Daniel Pacitti
Sakura Sakura - Cherry Blossom (old folk song).
Kojo no Tsuki - Castle Ruin in the Moonlight (R. Taki)

* Rentaro Taki (24.8.1879 - 29.6.1903) studied composition in Leipzig in 1901

Il Cantico delle Creature Concerto.webp

St  Francis'  eulogy is a hymn to life and nature that is still relevant today.


Laudato si', mi' Signore,

per sora nostra matre terra , la quale ne sustenta et governa, et produce diversi fructi con coloriti flori et herba.


St. Francis' eulogy praises the earth as both "sister" and "mother". The earth is "sister" because, like man, it is a "creature", and it is "mother" because it nourishes us ("produces various fruits"), also recreates our spirit through its beauty ("colourful flowers and grasses"). Simple, profound words from a lover that touch the heart and stimulate the imagination. And it is not only "Sister Mother Earth" that inspires Francis, but the whole of nature that, in its harmonious interplay, provides for the well-being of man and all the inhabitants of the planet: "messor lo frate sole" that enlightens and warms us, the wind, the clouds, the seasons that enable the earth to bring forth its fruits, the "useful", "humble", "chaste" water. It seems to be an invitation to people to value the gifts and to commit themselves to respecting and preserving them. A highly topical message for our careless and disrespectful world!

There are two versions of this composition: one for tenor, choir and instrumental ensemble (piano, flute, theorbo, lute, baroque guitar, classical guitar, double bass and percussion) and one for tenor, choir and symphony orchestra; performance is also possible with a reduced instrumental ensemble, flute, guitar and piano.
The composition is built up from musical elements and motifs of the Middle Ages and the European Renaissance and also secular music. It also draws on the sources of Franciscan and monastic choral music, as Francis' followers certainly used music as well as preaching. This work is in the tradition of some French and Italian composers as well as Stravinsky and others who rework ancient music in a modern idiom. Remarkable is the version with an instrumental ensemble combining ancient musical instruments (theorbo, lute, baroque guitar) with the piano, flute and modern percussion.


Viaggio in Argentina.webp


- con un saluto dal Ticino -


Philharmonie – Kammermusiksaal

 Do., 1. November 2018, 20:00 Uhr

Orchester: Camerata dei Castelli

Dirigent: Andreas Laake

Solo-Bratsche: Muriel Weißmann

Solo-Violoncello: Alessandra Doninelli

Solo-Bandoneon: Daniel Pacitti



Daniel Pacitti    Concierto Criollo para Viola y Orquesta

    Kreolisches Konzert für Bratsche und Orchester

– Culto y Zamba -

– Plegaria -

– Malambo -

Solistin: Muriel Weißmann


Daniel Pacitti     Bandoneón alemán – alma del tango

Tango für Bandoneon und Orchester

Solist: Daniel Pacitti



Daniel Pacitti     Concierto para Violoncello y Orquesta

Konzert für Violoncello und Orchester    

– Arrabal

– Remembranzas

– Tangool

Solistin: Alessandra Doninelli


Wholeheartedly to Lionel Messi

The Camerata dei Castelli orchestra from Bellinzona and their musical director Andreas Laake would like to make a very special dedication to Lionel Messi, together with cello player Alessandra Doninelli and maestro Daniel Pacitti:

“...for his great magic and his supernatural skills, for his miraculous genius and his illustrious professionalism, for his exemplary heart and humility…“


Concierto Criollo

para Violoncello y Orquesta
Arrabal – Remembranzas – Tangool

Dedicated to one of the greatest sports stars of all times,

Lionel Messi.

The homage will be performed on two occasions: 
۰October 30, 2018 at 8 p.m.

  in the Teatro Sociale in Bellinzona(CH) 
۰November 1, 2018 at 8 p.m.

  in the chamber music hall of the

  Philharmonie in Berlin (D)

Dedicated to Lionel Messi.png
Harmonia Leo Messi.png
Muriel Weißmann Viola.webp
Alessandra Doninelli Violoncello.webp
Pacitti Bandoneonist.webp
Andreas Laake Conductor Camerata dei Castelli.webp

Misa Criolla and Navidad Nuestra
by Ariel Ramírez

Symphonic version by Daniel Pacitti
for tenor, soprano (mezzo-soprano), choir and orchestra or instrumental ensemble

Misa Criolla and Navidad Nuestra
by Ariel Ramírez

Symphonic version
by Daniel Pacitti

The performances of the "Misa Criolla" and the "Navidad Nuestra" pay tribute to the Argentine composer Ariel Ramírez and his compositions, which together are considered the most important work of Argentine sacred music far beyond the borders of South America.


Misa Criolla Navidad Nuestra Budapest.png

In the "Misa Criolla", the folklore of the Andes region is combined with Ramírez's deep religiosity, for the liturgical elements of the mass are sung in the national language - no longer in Latin - and are each given a different regionally typical instrumentalised traditional rhythm of Argentine folk music. Navidad Nuestra" also enters into a similar symbiosis of traditional sacred content and Argentine folkloric music. Not only the melodies and the orchestration, but also the folk-language texts written by Felix Luna place the Christmas story in an Argentinean world.
Ramírez was inspired to compose the "Misa Criolla" during a journey through post-war Germany in the 1950s, particularly impressed by his encounter with two German nuns in Würzburg. His mass was meant to be a thank you to all those people who had supported the young musician during his years in Europe. "I set out to compose a religious work that would express humanity's hope for a better world". In 1967, the "Misa Criolla" had its world premiere in Germany and became further known internationally through a tour of 10 German cities and one performance each in Zurich, in Rotterdam, in Brussels and in Paris. The "Misa Criolla" has been sung and recorded by many of the most famous lyric tenors and the great voices of popular music such as José Carreras, Plácido Domingo, Los Fronterizos, Mercedes Sosa and Chabuca Granda.

The "Misa Criolla" and the "Navidad Nuestra" by Ariel Ramírez were premiered in 2013 in my Symphonic Version in Budapest with over 400 choral singers.

My Symphonic Version of the "Misa Criolla" and the "Navidad Nuestra" has received great recognition and approval from the Ramírez family, who, like the publisher, support its performance and distribution.


Made up of outstanding musicians who perform popular and academic music recreating the works of the Italian-Argentinean Daniel Pacitti. Thus, they rank the timbre mixture that identifies the cultural richness present in the "new World" that the composer rescues through his competitions.
Charangos, guitars, piano, Latin American percussion set, Andean aerophones, flutes, bandoneon, harps and other instruments, brought to the fine aesthetics of chamber music in an exquisite dialogue with the choir and solists.

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